Membership & Dues

Membership & Dues

About OMIK and Its Members:

OMIK Amateur Radio Association, Inc. welcomes anyone with an interest in Amateur Radio, licensed or not, and the welfare and well-being of others to join us as an OMIK member. OMIK is proud to promote the following concepts and actions as our overarching purpose:

  • fellowship while advancing the art of amateur radio

  • expanding and upgrading the ranks of licensed amateur radio operators

  • providing public service in both clubs-sponsored activities and initiatives as well as through public service communications assistance

  • encourage and motivate youth to further their education beyond high school through the OMIK scholarship fund and other financial assistance

  • promote and coordinate OMIK-affiliated ham radio clubs

OMIK Annual Membership Categories

Membership dues are paid annually on the anniversary of your joining OMIK (Fill out the online Application here, or download the OMIK Membership Application in PDF format) and are payable based on the Membership categories and dues amounts as follows:

  • Regular individual yearly membership, $20

  • Family membership, $25 (up to 3 family members with the same privileges as Regular membership offers)

  • Senior (80 years and above), $10

  • Associate (no FCC amateur radio license), $15

OMIK Lifetime Membership & How To Apply

The OMIK Constitution and By-Laws allow for a maximum of 50 active Lifetime Memberships at any one time. To apply for Lifetime Membership you must first contact the club's Secretary.

Lifetime Membership offers an age-based, one-time fee (see chart below) with an option to pay in full or in installments over a 2 year period.

OMIK Lifetime Membership Schedule

  • Through age 59 - $450.00

  • Age 60 - $312.00

  • Age 61 - $300.00

  • Age 62 - $287.00

  • Age 63 - $275.00

  • Age 64 - $262.50

  • Age 65 - $250.00

  • Age 66 - $237.50

  • 67 and above - $225.00

To pay your OMIK Membership Dues or Lifetime Member payment by Check or Money Order

To become an OMIK member or renew your current membership or pay your Lifetime Member payment by mail please send a check, made payable to "OMIK", for the appropriate amount, and please write your callsign on the check. Fill out the online application here, or download the OMIK Membership Application in PDF format.

Mail your check or money order to:

Courtney D. Smith, KD2SPJ
OMIK Secretary
30 Hartz Dr,
Bridgeton, NJ 08302-4427

Please note, checks that arrive after the end of the month written for may not be deposited immediately but held over to the next month.

You can pay your Yearly Dues using PayPal using the link below: