Important Announcement

August 20, 2022

Dear OMIK Members,

On June 26, 2022, I addressed the OMIK family with an urgent request to fill leadership positions within OMIK. As you know, the leadership positions for OMIK have been filled. As a result, our organization is moving forward with a new spirit of commitment and pride.

As part of our effort to enhance OMIK, I have directed Southern Region Director Richard Bell (W5BXE) and Central Region Director Jess Craig (W6CKC) to form an OMIK IT committee. The IT committee will conduct a technology assessment and present a preliminary report to the OMIK board for additional considerations and actions. I anticipate that the IT Committee will deliver the report to the OMIK Board no later than Mid-October 2022.

To ensure that we are working collectively, the IT and Educational committees will collaborate to identify OMIK needs, resources, and technology areas of interest to all members. Frank Decuire, K6FED, will be the initial educational committee representative on the IT Committee.

OMIK members will receive an email from their Regional Director inviting them to participate on the committee.

I encourage you to participate in this exciting new OMIK effort.

Jeff Drew, N4JDU


OMIK Amateur Radio Association, Inc