OMIK Amateur Radio Association, Inc.

An International Educational and Scientific Organization
Founded in August of 1952

OMIK is a 501(c)(7) Organization • The OMIK Scholarship Fund is a 501(c)(3) Organization

65th Anniversary Convention Memphis, Tennessee
July 13-15, 2017
Holiday Inn Memphis Airport
2240 Democrat Road Memphis, TN 38132 Phone (901) 332-1130

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2017 Convention Information, Registration, Rates and more

Welcome New OMIK Members

Members New to OMIK in 2017:

Mike, KD4KLD
Ralph, W4WSI
Manuel, KV4EP
Jerome, NW3T
Harold, KC2BPP
Brandon, K5IIA
Alfred, KD8ACG
Carl, KK4UTS

Members New to OMIK in 2016:

James, N3KBF

James, KG5MRG

Bert, WA2SI

Samantha, W2SSC

Charles, WA2CJC

Robert, WB4RIY


Ryan, KM6DNG

Eva, XX6ES

John, AG8V

Jeanne, XX8JS

Jimmy, WB5MET


John, KA4SSB

David, N4ASA

Alexander, W4ALX

Arthur, KG4EYG

Jeff, KM4TTV

Carl, K9AIG

Gus, KB0YH

Gregory, KG7VNZ

Byrone, KG5KVN
Sarah, KC5DFI

Members New to OMIK in 2015:

James, KB4PQO
Emmanuel, KD9FCW
Marc, WB9DBD
Stephen, W3DWJ
Forest, K4FTP
Jard, KE0GIP
Eddie, KD8NYA
Pam, No Call
Gloria, No Callsign
Donna, KB3ZCB
Dock, N4HYK
James, KG5EWK
Lester, N3HL
Chris, N7UTC
Gerald, KK6YO
Rudy, No Call
Steve, KC9UMO

Dayton Hamvention Bus Trip
January 21, 2017
2878 Ticknor Ct
Ann Arbor, MI 48104-6921
Mr. Steve Schmitz, W0SJS
Secretary OMIK Amateur Radio Association, Inc.

Dear Secretary Schmitz,
Once again, it is that time of year when lots of hams around the world start thinking of the Dayton Hamvention. After all, with 25,000 attendees from all amateur radio interest areas, what’s not to like!

Our club is offering a one-day trip to Hamvention. It is open to all those in the south-eastern Michigan region. Here is a convenient way to go for those who cannot afford the time or expense of the entire convention. This is an invitation to those in the Detroit, Jackson, Flint, Lansing and other areas. We have had riders as far west as Kalamazoo!

As in years past, The Arrow Communication Association is sponsoring a bus trip from Ann Arbor to Greene County Fairgrounds and Expo Center and back. The date is Saturday, May 20. We leave the park-and-ride at 4:00 am and get to the show at 8:00 am. We leave the Fairgrounds at 5:30 pm and arrive back to our large park-and-ride site by 8:30 pm. A continental breakfast is included on board. Even if you come from out of town, you still relieve yourself of almost 8 hours of drive time! What more could you ask for? 
There is more. If you want to sell your stuff in the flea market, we have reserved a space there just for you! Every year, Arrow reserves a swap spot just for the bus trip crowd. You save $70.00. All we ask is that you keep your items to a reasonable limit and that you volunteer at least one hour of your time at the swap tables. 
There is still more! As in the past several years, we are giving away DOOR PRIZES! In 2016, we had donations from a number Ham Radio Dealers around the U.S!

The cost is $55.00 for the round trip. (This increases to $65.00 on or after April 1.)  Please mail all applications to ARROW Communication Association, 2545 S. Lima Center Rd., Chelsea, MI 48118. Please note that this does not include the Hamvention ticket. That one you’ll have to do yourself! You may also use the link below to purchase a seat using PayPal. (Click the link, then scroll to the bottom of the page for the form and PayPal link button)
We are trying to generate as much publicity as possible, which is why we are writing you. If you can, please share this information as widely as you are able. If you have a web page, please consider adding a paragraph about the trip and a link to  Talk it up on the air! If you check into a state wide or regional or other net, please mention it there, also. Feel free to include us in your publications.
We at Arrow deeply appreciate your help in this matter and we thank you.
John Wasciuk,                                                                      
Activities Coordinator, ARROW Communication Association
OMIK Member

Welcome to OMIK

The OMIK Amateur Radio Association, Inc. was founded on August 17, 1952 as the OMIK Electronic Communications Association by Black hams from the states of Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, and Kentucky. OMIK seeks to:

  • Promote fellowship while advancing the art of amateur radio
  • Expand and upgrade the ranks of amateur radio operators
  • Provide public service and further international goodwill
  • Coordinate OMIK-affiliated ham radio clubs
  • Encourage and motivate youth to further their education beyond high school through scholarships and other financial assistance

This website is intended to convey information to members and is not a
solicitation for donations where it would violate State or Local Law.